Margot Middleton for Kamloops City Council
Margot Middleton for Kamloops City Council
Margot Middleton for Kamloops City Council


Opportunities for Youth
Opportunities for Youth

Increasing/improving youth access to sports/cultural/life-skill programs—no child left out.

Clean and Light Industry
Clean/Light Industry

Increasing capacity for clean/light industry to re-locate to Kamloops as well as existing light industry to expand.

Livability for All
Livability for All

Focusing on social issues and keeping focused on economic, cultural, and recreational growth.

The Power of Participation
The Power of Participation

Enhancing our "Canada's Tournament Capital" brand and encouraging community participation.

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Margot Middleton is the President and Manager of Day-to-Day Operations of Middleton Installations and Services headquartered in Kamloops, and has been heading the family-owned business since 1987. She was awarded the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Businessperson of the Year in 2021 and is the past Board Chair of Venture Kamloops. Middleton has lived in Kamloops for over 45 years and as a business owner and community member, is very familiar with the city, some of the challenges, and most important, recognizes potential opportunities.


Middleton’s passion for inspiring change can be traced back to her early years, when she was elected as an 17-year-old to be a Kelowna ‘Teen Town’ Mayor. If elected to be a Kamloops City Councillor, Middleton’s key areas of focus will be: Kamloops’ Youth, Clean/Light Industry, Kamloops’ Livability, and the Power of Participation. To further show her commitment to the community, Middleton will be donating her annual after-tax Council pay to local registered charities.

Margot Middleton for Kamloops City Council


Years in Kamloops




Years in Business




Kamloops Minor Hockey (10 years)
Venture Kamloops Board Chair
Air Canada Cup (Midget National Hockey Championship)
Western Canada Bantam Hockey Championship
Heffley Creek Community Association
Women’s Auxiliary to Fire Hall #5
Margot wins Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award
Margot wins Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award
Margot Middleton ICBA Industry Leader

Photo credits:  Kathleen Fisher Photography, Kamloops & District Chamber of Commerce, ICBA 



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