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Get to Know Kamloops City Council Candidate: Margot Middleton

For those who know Margot Middleton, a candidate in the race for a seat on Kamloops City Council this fall 2022, they know her as a businesswoman who has managed Middleton Energy Services and Installation for decades. Others know of her by her recognition of the Businessperson of the year in 2021 by Kamloops Chamber of Commerce. But beyond her business interests and career aspirations is a person who is passionately about the city she lives in and wants to help it prosper.

Here's a little about Margot, in her own words…

I was born to a farming family in the Okanagan Mission in Kelowna as the third eldest child in a family of seven children. Family life was always fun and busy as we spent summers at the beach and winters on the ski hill.

Growing up, all of us siblings were pressed into service on the farm for haying, irrigation, and dairy barn duties. I learned to drive a tractor when I was 10 but was a lousy backer-up (still am) of trailers. I can still see my dad shaking his head.

From a young age, hard work was ingrained into us and so was being involved in the community. My parents were involved in Board work, church work, and community and civic matters. My father sat on the board of a dairy industry board (NOCA) and the historical society to name a few, and my mother was always involved with St. Andrew’s Church, Naturalist clubs, and most significantly, she was the President of the Mission Greenway project, a huge undertaking to acquire land and donations to develop the Mission Greenway, a significant park project in Kelowna.

My foray into community work, specifically politics, started in high school. At 17, I stood for the Kelowna Teen Town Mayoral elections, and won. I was also elected as the Premier of the North Okanagan Teen Association. This gave me an opportunity to understand more about governance and how to work together with a team to make things happen for our members.

I graduated, or escaped, from Kelowna High School in 1973. I say escaped because I was not a model academic student. I was, however, a very committed participant in school clubs, sports and all things fun.

The business came much later; but my first real summer job was as a chambermaid at nearby motels. After graduating I worked at car dealerships, as well as Balco Mill in the veneer plant.

I married within a year of graduating and relocated to the lower mainland for two years. We had a choice to either move to Kelowna or to Kamloops. So, my husband and I relocated to Kamloops in 1976; a decision I have never regretted.

We settled in Heffley Creek, and I have since moved to downtown Kamloops.

In 1987, we started our company, Middleton Petroleum Services and are still operating today, now as Middleton Energy Services and Installations.

I was widowed in 2000, but was fortunate to have raised three children with my late husband. All three children now have three children, almost like a pattern.

While a busy mother to three children, I also made time to be involved in Brownies and Guides, Women’s Auxiliary to #5 Fire Hall, the Heffley Creek Community Association, and Kamloops Minor Hockey Association. I was also a key organizer for The Air Canada Cup, Midget Hockey National Championship, and the Western Canada Bantam Championship.

In 2005, I married Mike, a wonderful, fully supportive husband who came into my life, complete with two sons.

Once time permitted, I started to focus on Business and trade boards, such as Resource Training Organization (now Skill Source), BC Petroleum Contractors Association, Venture Kamloops, and the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association.

Kamloops is my home. A place I am very proud of, and that many others who call Kamloops home are equally as proud of. I am hoping the people of Kamloops will recognize the work I have done in the past and allow me to take it to the next level, to the City Council table. I know I will be an impactful and dedicated Councillor, because I will be one of the hardest working Councillors.

From the hardworking and somewhat whiny 10-year-old working on her parents’ farm, to the woman I am today, I have seen a lot, and learnt a lot. I want to put all of that to work and most importantly, I want to work for all our residents, for the best interests of them and those looking to also make Kamloops home.

P.S. If you’d like to support my bid for a seat on City Council, follow me on Facebook and share my page with your network of friends and family who also love Kamloops and want to see it prosper. You can also reach out to me at anytime at




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