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Read about My Passion for the City’s Progress through Volunteering, Participation and Giving Back

With the voting day of October 15 nearing, it is important now, more than ever, to know your candidates. Margot Middleton, throughout this election, has shared her background, her platforms, and where she stands. Today, she shares some final thoughts before election day.

I've shared my platform and why I stand for increasing opportunities for youth. Why I think bringing and encouraging clean/light industry to Kamloops is important. Why the impact of declining livability and affordability is an issue I seek to help solve, and what the power of participation can do for the future of Kamloops. What you also should know about me is how much I value volunteering and the several other aspects of being part of a community.

I have volunteered throughout my life, most significantly with Kelowna Teen Town, Girl Guides of Canada, Heffley Creek Community and Fire Dept, Kamloops Minor Hockey, as a Board member of Resource Training Organization, as well as with Venture Kamloops, Independent Businesses and Contractors Association, BC Petroleum Contractors Association, and the Premier’s Women’s Economic Council.

With this election specifically, I am focused on working toward bringing about real, substantial change. Through my stand, I would like to give a voice to those who haven't had the opportunity and give back to the community. Early on, I announced that I would be donating my after-tax councillor’s salary. It is still my intention to do so.

Why am I doing this?

Kamloops has a vast network of support services for all residents from all walks of life –whether related to health and well-being, social support, sports, arts, culture, and several other causes. These services are an integral part of our city, and we need to ensure we support them wherever possible.

I have worked hard and been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be successful. I want to invest my time and knowledge as a City Councillor and serve my community.

Two other points of focus I feel we, as a community, should keep in mind for our future are:

Supporting arts and culture: Kamloops has fantastic art and cultural scene, and it is critical to support organizations that help make these services accessible to the community. A community that thrives through the arts and culture adds to the richness found in our City, and we must support organizations that make this happen.

Buying and supporting local: We should be sourcing, whenever possible, our tangible goods, as well as utilizing the services of local suppliers and businesses. I think this should also be reflected in the City. While this sounds ideal, I understand it requires diligent planning and collaboration.

Our city finds itself at a crossroads and we have options on the direction we can take. I want to help provide leadership to ensure we take the right direction, and that the decisions Council and the City make do not have unintended consequences. We need to be smart with taxpayers’ money. We also need to build and improve for the benefit of all residents, including facilities, services, safety, sports/culture/arts/tourism – all-encompassing.

I come from a background of hard work and dedication to family and community. I tend to learn by doing and taking a hands-on approach to life and work. Along with Thoughtful Leadership and Sound Counsel, this hands-on approach is something I will apply to my role as a Councillor if you choose to elect me.

So, Kamloops, please get out and vote, on October 15. Make this an opportunity to make your voice heard and bring in an effective and dedicated Council.



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