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Local Businessperson Announces Intention to Run for Kamloops City Council

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Thoughtful Leadership. Sound Counsel.

Kamloops, B.C. – Surrounded by friends and family, Margot Middleton, Kamloops Chamber of Commerce 2021 Businessperson of the Year, past Board Chair of Venture Kamloops, and the President and Manager of Day-to-Day Operations of Middleton Energy Installations headquartered in Kamloops, announced her intention to run for a seat on Kamloops City Council. She made her announcement during a special press event held at the McArthur Island Sport and Event Centre on June 28.

“I am both proud and excited to announce that I will be running for a seat on Kamloops’ City Council this October, and I’m looking forward to sharing with the citizens of Kamloops why they can trust me to represent them well,” said Middleton. “A City Councillor’s role is very important because there is a responsibility to make decisions that directly affect the daily lives of residents, families, local business owners and many others in the community. To me, it would be a privilege to be voted in as a Councillor, and a responsibility I will put my utmost care toward, just like I have with my business and other leadership roles I have committed to.”

Middleton has been a thoughtful and steady leader in Kamloops for many years. Since 1987, she has run Middleton Energy Installations, a family-owned business that puts a priority on professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and safety, core values Margot applies to her work life and volunteer activities.

“I have sat on, and led, many Boards. With this experience, I bring a depth of leadership and sound decision-making principles with tangible results,” noted Middleton. “As a City Councillor, I believe it’s important to have a clear focus on our role to provide good governance and leadership centred on the well-being and interests of Kamloops’ citizens and local business owners.”

Middleton has four key areas she will highlight during the election campaign and focus on if elected: Kamloops’ Youth, Clean/Light Industry, Kamloops’ Livability, and the Power of Participation.

“I believe the current City Council is doing a good job and we have a good base to build on,” said Middleton. “I also believe we have challenging times ahead with social issues, but we need to make sure we keep focused on economic, cultural, sporting, and recreational growth. As a proud Kamloopsian, I am wholly committed to be a community advocate and as a City Councillor I will help make decisions to strengthen what we have and build upon new opportunities.”

Middleton plans to donate her annual after-tax Council pay to local registered charities each year, a demonstration of her commitment to the good of the community.

Community members will have an opportunity to meet Middleton at various local events leading up to the election and discuss her key priorities. She also invites people to visit and connect with her via or on her Facebook page @MargotMiddletonForCouncil.

For Information or an Interview with Margot Middleton, contact:

Aleece Laird, Communications Liaison | | 250.574.0221


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