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  • Writer's pictureMargot Middleton

What does Margot stand for, and why?

Running for politics, Margot was clear that she wanted to bring clarity to what she stood for and what her platform means. For Margot in her work and volunteer roles, it is very important to her to have clarity in her beliefs and to ensure that a clear message is conveyed.

Learn what Margot Middleton stands for, and why.

KEY FOCUS AREA: Focus on Kamloops’ Youth

I strongly believe youth have a greater chance of success as adults if they are engaged in group and/or team activities during their formative years. I believe those opportunities can be supported through our City’s recreational and cultural programs.

In order to do this successfully, it is important to elevate accessibility for Kamloops’ youth. Accessibility goes beyond the financial affordability to sign up as the logistics of attending can be a barrier to many. To me, this begs the question — can the City work with the public transportation system and play a role in creating some form of safe/efficient transport for youth?

An immediate challenge, or an obvious gap, is that many sports and cultural activities are during working hours and many youths do not have a support network for ride-sharing. As a result, many of our youth are not able to join time-scheduled programs.

I will be exploring how we can work toward a youth-transport system.

KEY FOCUS AREA: Focus on Clean/Light Industry

I truly believe that the city of Kamloops will prosper with manufacturing and industrial-based businesses that typically generate higher wages and good stability.

However, currently, the city is short on light industrial land. My main focus therefore would be to see if more land could be obtained or if we have under-utilized areas that should be re-zoned or re-developed.

Why is this so important?

Kamloops has historically been an “industry“ based town, providing good opportunities for its residents and newcomers. We are moving away from these opportunities, and I believe we need to do our best to bring these opportunities back.

KEY FOCUS AREA: Focus on Kamloops’ Livability

My family has always benefited from organized sports and activities, especially in the earlier years with playgroups in the Heffley Creek Hall and at community-funded playgrounds, outdoor rinks plus youth sports at a variety of venues.

As a long-time Kamloops resident, I have seen the city undergo substantial change. In these years, I have heard from my friends, my employees and my children — most of whom are two-income households — that despite family networks as support, they are still feeling a shift in Kamloops’ livability.

Previously, working parents were able to live comfortably, buy a home and groceries, enroll children in sports/activities, and attend events. As families have to adjust to the new economic realities, I believe one of the first things to go will be children in sports and activities. An impact that will affect them for their lifetimes.

I also believe that this isn’t the worst of it; I think that the worst of the economic strain is yet to come.

It is crucial, therefore, that we start looking at the revenue the City generates from its facilities and programs to see if we can reduce rates as well as increase capacity. We need to do all we can to try and maintain affordability and opportunity.

So, some questions I plan to ask and do my best to advocate for are:

  • Do we have underutilized programs?

  • Do we have any underutilized facilities?

  • Are we wasting money that could be better spent elsewhere?

KEY FOCUS AREA: Focus on Participation

I believe in the old adage of “if you want to get something done, ask the busiest person you know to do it,” take a look in the mirror, and see if that person is you.

Truthfully, we can all contribute to our own lives and the lives of others by participating and being active members of our families, schools, and communities. Participation improves our life skills of organization and time management, both crucial to successful lives.

Having a focus on participation through my platform is important because I want to explore how we can help families get involved and stay involved in our community and how the City of Kamloops can help to shift the focus on the way we have been doing things, to encourage maximum participation.



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